Sunday, July 16, 2017

Riding Tips 2: Before Long Ride Tips

Small or big cc motorcycle, we all do love a long distance ride. Especially in group. But are we really sure our bike can take us to our destination? NO! We cannot guarantee. But we can try our best to make sure we can reach our destination without having much trouble. These are thing you should check before starting your long ride with your friends.


     This is the most important thing on your bike. It is like a blood on any motorcycle. The lubricant prevents metal hits metal, like piston hits engine block. A dry engine oil can cause you expensive damages.

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      Braking is not just reducing speed or stopping your bike, but it also the main key for you from getting crash. Even you cannot guarantee the bike can avoid you from hitting something, but a good braking system can reduce the impact force, and not just save your life, but also preventing you from serious injury.
      So please double check your brake pads, and brake fluids. The fluids also has to be compete with your brake system. Don't mix DOT 3 and DOT 4.

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(Tire that suitable for most asphalt surfaces)

     Beside brakes, you life also depends on tire. Make sure you wear good type of tire for your bike. And make sure you understand your tires function. Usually a track performance tires (Semi Slick Type) are not suitable on heavy rain. But if you use normal tires are good enough. There are speed limit each tire, make sure you not exceed it. NEVER USE WORN OUT TIRE.

(Semi slick performance tire that has stronger grip but has no control during heavy rains.) 


    Chain is easy to maintain and monitor, but often forgotten by us. Chain moves our bike. So broken chain in the middle of road can lead you into disaster. Not just your ride program is interrupted, but you also have to spend some money for towing. Otherwise, you have to push your bike into nearest workshop. Service your chain using chain lube regularly.

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    Just make sure cables for throttle, clutch and brake are fully functional. Cables acts as respond for anything for your ride (eg. increasing/reducing speed and changing gear). Usually cable failure can be detected before you starting your ride. So if you notice something wrong with your bike, don't ride until you fix your cables.


   Lights are important for other people noticing that your are 'exist' on the road. Yes, there are lots of dumb people who are not paying attention to you. Headlamp can sure them aware that you are around them. Your tail lamp are for telling people behind you that you are braking and slowing down. Signal lamp also important but still you need to use your hand as signal as motorcycle's signal are not clearly visible especially on daylight.

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   Especially for those who has not or not working fuel indicator, you need to full tank everytimg you start a long ride. and if it is your first time going to the place, make sure you fill every stop at petrol pump. You might don't want troubling your friends 'foot-pushing' you and your bike to nearest petrol pump.

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Naza N5R Special Edition Review

    Launched last year, Naza N5R shows great sales of their recent breed, the Naza N5R. N5R and N5R SE considered cheapest full fairing bike for 2016. And today, a review from direct owner, MR. Naqip Ahmad , about his Naza N5R SE, the bike that he just own for few months.

      Based on his own review, he says that this is a bike can suitable for daily use, as it has better fuel consumption and easy to maintain.  But like previous version of Naza, this bike also encounters few sensor problems.

         Size of this bike is quite small makes her suitable for petite rider. The black matte stripe red makes her looks more sporty and the dual headlamp makes her looks like classy superbike. The top he can get while riding this is 155 kph.

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          Thanks to Naqip Ahmad, he gives us the Pros and Cons about this bike, which is really helpful for those whoever considering purchasing this bike.

  1. Good top speed for 250cc single cylinder (155 kph).
  2. Good fuel consumption (RM100 total from JB to Perlis and back to JB)
  3. SE variant comes with aftermarket exhaust, Preformance Exhaust System.
  4. Superlight chassis makes it easier to control especially on heavy traffic jammed.
  5. Nice and sporty look.
  6. Comfortable seat for both short and long distance ride.
  7. Until Modenas RC200 introduced, Naza N5R is the cheapest full fairing bike.
  1. Sensor problem. Engine shut down suddenly.
  2. Stock tires are very slippery.
  3. He encounters problem switching to N gear. Have to shut down the engine just to free gear. (Solved: Adjusting cable clutch will do)
  4. Can feel vibration while reaching top speed.
  5. Rear signal lamp already has moist.
  6. Brake light won't activate if you hit the brake on foot pedal.
  7. Another problems he encountered recently: When you stopped in first gear,  you have to hold the brake as well even when you are pulling the clutch, otherwise bike will move like the throttle twisted. 

           Conclusion here, Naza N5R SE is one of wonderful starter bike. She has problems somehow but this is a new bike compared to Kawasaki or Yamaha. This is your bike when you look for cheap and sporty bike as your first bike.  Easy to handle, easy to maintain, and easy to look cool while you riding it.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Modenas V15 2017 Malaysian New Age Classic Cruiser

            The launch of the 2017 Modenas V15 at RM5,989 is not a new segment for Modenas, a role having previously been filled by the Jaguh. In this case, the V15 is the third of Modenas’ new full-size motorcycle trio in collaboration with Bajaj Auto of India, a classically-styled cruiser.

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        Carrying a 149.5 cc, twin-sprk air-cooled single-cylinder DTS-i power plant, the Modenas V15 puts out a claimed 12 PS at 7,500 rpm and 13 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm. With a kerb weight of 136 kg, the V15 is designed for the urban commuter market, a role it performs in India and 75 other countries around the world.

     Braking is with a 240 mm brake disc in front and a 130 mm disc at the rear, and fuel is carried in a 13-litre tank. Features on the Modenas V15 are LED tail lights and a single-seat cowl that is easily removable.

(As you can see, she fits with petite ride)

          The Modenas V15 comes in White/Red and Black/Red, and is available from selected authorised Modenas dealers in the Klang Valley, with roll-out nationwide within the week. Assembly for the V15, as well as the Modenas Pulsar NS200 and RS200, is at Modenas’ assembly plant in Gurun, Kedah.

Black as alternate color.

2017 Ducati Multistrada 950 (RM85,900)


        July. A month for Ducati releasing her 2017 bikes. Like it said on 24-28 March at One Utama shopping mall, Ducati will be lunching Multisrada (950cc),M and Monster (787cc). Previously. the Multistrada is the latest addition to Ducati’s dual-purpose sport-touring range, the Multistrada 1200, priced from RM114,999.

         Launched at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy, in 2016, the Multistrada 950 carries a 937 cc Testastretta 11, liquid-cooled, V-twin engine that produces 113 hp at 9,000 rpm and 96.2 Nm of torque at 7,750 rpm. Following the design of the Multistrada 1200 closely, the Multistrada 950 is lighter than its big sister at 229 kg compared to 239 kg.

        It also comes with an 840 mm seat height, with 820 and 860 mm seats available as options, compared to the standard 825 to 845 mm adjustable unit on the 1200. Standard on the 950 is power and riding modes, and the Ducati Safety Pack which provides ABS and traction control.

      Similar to the Multistrada 1200, the Multistrada 950 gets a KYB 48 mm fully adjustable upside-down fork in front, and a fully adjustable Sachs monoshock unit at the back with remote spring preload adjustment. Omitted from the 950 is cornering ABS, with braking done with a pair of 320 mm semi-floating discs in front clamped by Brembo Monobloc four-piston callipers and a single 265 mm disc at the back.

             Rolling on a 19-inch hoop in front, and a 17-incher in the rear, the Multistrada 950 is designed with long-range touring in mind. This is borne out by the 20-litre fuel tank, and 170 mm of suspension travel with a ground clearance of 183.5 mm.

         Additionally, the 2017 Ducati Monster 797, a return to the Monster’s roots of an air-cooled, V-twin hooligan street bike, will be on display at the Ducati Malaysia showroom at Naza World Automall in Petaling Jaya. The Monster 797 is priced between RM55,900 for the red and black colour schemes, while the white version will set you back RM56,900.

       All prices for the 2017 Ducati Multistrada 950 and Ducati Monster 797 include GST, but exclude registration, insurance and road tax. The Ducati Smart Service two-year parts service and lubricants package is included in the purchase price of every 2017 model Ducati.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Black Princess: Ray Superbike Anniversary Version

       We are few days before July. And July this year is the 43rd year Ray Superbike operating as a review blog. And for this anniversary, I'm introducing you my ownw custom bike. The 2nd Ray Superbike version of motorcycle, and I call her: BLACK PRINCESS.

           Black Princess uses Demak Skyline's frame and tail lamp. But featuring Kawasaki Z800 headlamp and Z250 fairing. Comes with Black Matte and Dark Red Scarlet stripe. Using Lifan Parts on her engine mods.
TAGLINE:  One-OFF Prototype

      Compared to previous version, I done major modification on this 2nd prototype. One of it is the performance. I can't fit Lifan's engine entirely so I had to use some compatible Lifan's parts on her. As a result, she has 6 speed transmission compared 5 speed on previous version. And Black Princess manage to get 191 kph. It is unofficial since I got the top while ride, not at Dyno Machine, but hey. 191 KPH!

Before: Preparing Brackets for fairing.

AFTER: Painted and ready to go.

       Black Princess is a custom bike that done by Kibabaig Motorcycle. The final concept is from me. So this prototype might has some errors that I might figure out sooner or later. Although she can't match established brand like Kawasaki,Yamaha or even Demak, but for now, I'm proud to ride along this beauty. Her sound has a bit different than before. More photos uploaded soon. Hehehe. But what most of it, is her outstanding performance. With top speed of 191 kph, Black Princess faster than some 600cc superbike.

   Ray Superbike is still too young in superbike world, and so am I. But, thanks to all of you who read, and support this blog. Black Beauty exists because of those  who supports Ray Superbike. All comments, and critics are welcome to improve this blog. Thanks again, all of you. 

Happy Eid to all Muslim!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Modenas RS200 and NS200

   After enjoying long time resting from producing Modenas Jaguh,  Modenas came back with 2 brand new models, the full fairing RS 200, and naked version NS 200 on 18th May 2017 . Both this bikes are based on Pulsar Bajaj 200. An Indian top bike for beginners! Top at Indonesia too!

The Full Fairing Version: Modenas RS200

And the Naked /Streetfighter: Modenas NS200

 *The technical specs are same as Pulsar Bajaj 200:

Displacement199.5 cc
Emission StandardBS4
Maximum Power23.17 Bhp @ 9500 rpm
Maximum Torque18.3 Nm @ 8000 rpm
Engine Description199.5cc, Triple Spark, 4 - stroke, SOHC - 4V - Liquid Cooled, single cylinder, BSIV
CoolingLiquid Cooling
Fuel SystemCarb (Bajaj has not launched the Fi model in India)
Bore72 mm
Stroke49 mm
No. of Cylinders1
Power-to-weight Ratio152.43 BHP per tonne
Torque-to-Weight Ratio120.39 NM per tonne
Specific Output116.14 BHP per litre
Cylinder ConfigurationSOHC layout

    I like this bike personally. It is good to see Malaysia can make this bike, even thou a copycat from Pulsar Bajaj. But we proud of it. Weird part of this bike is she using 3 spark, where usually other bike uses 4 parks per cylinder. But one thing I found weird about this bike is the tail lamp. I mean, what kind of tail lamp looks like that? Some people might think its cute, but... not for me of course.

  1. Price RM11,000.00 for RS200, and 10,000.00 for NS 200.
  2. Petronas FP-1 and Proton KR-3 are great prototype, but Modenas RS200 is the first Malaysia's full fairing version.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Petronas FP-1: Malaysia First Superbike

         This time we talk about mystery story, is not a mystery but the mystery of a haunted ghost in the local motoring world. This is a story about Malaysia's first superbike named Petronas FP-1. If you follow the development of the local motorcycle world, will remember the superbike in the global arena.

      The story begins 13 years ago, around the year 2003 in which Petronas engaging with a special project together with the Sauber Petronas Engineering to participate in MotoGP. But eventually they decided to join the WSBK Superbike World Championship games. This era was a golden age in which Proton is also working with Kenny Roberts at Proton Team KR team.

          Among the conditions set by the organizers of WSBK is, Petronas must produce at least 150 units of FP-1 for markets. As a result, the first Malaysia Superbike was born. The Petronas FP-1.

          Petronas Team to WSBK is known by the name of Foggy Petronas Racing takes its name from the British WSBK champion 4 times, Carl Fogarty. This cooperation is essential to commercialize technology that F1 is on this motorcycle. Among the riders ever rode this bike is Troy Corser, Chris Walker, James Haydon, Garry McCoy, Craig Jones and Steve Martin. However, this team only managed to finish on the podium as much as 3 times.

            When Petronas decided to join the WSBK, Sauber did not agree and had to withdraw because of a lack of interest in WSBK. Petronas then collaborate with Suter Racing Technology, which has a long history in the championship Grand Prix to develop the FP-1 engine. Engineering firms from the UK, MSX International has been selected to produce a street version of the model

          Now, why this motorcycle is less prominent in WSBK? One reason is that during this motorcycle engine developed maximum capacity set for the motorcycle 900cc 3 cylinders. FP-1 is produced with a 899cc engine. However when it debuted in 2003, a new law allowing the FIA ​​capacity of up to 1000cc. So FP-1 short 100cc compared to other machinery. It does not seem fair! 

(Sexy ass~)

                Its production is also much delayed due to various problems. But the announcement was made in 2005 on the inclusion of these motorcycles on the market. 75 units manufactured in the UK to market there and they are installed in 75 Modenas factory in Gurun, Kedah for the local market. Do not mess with the ability Modenas. .

          Then problems arose again when the FP-1 does not have a distributor network for sales. In Malaysia there is only one single distributor, Naza Bikers Dream. As of now, the news FP-1 seemed to sink in the mass media.

The question is WHERE are these bikes now?

           In 2010, the MCN (Motorcycle News UK) has found 60 units of FP-1 in a warehouse in Essex. It said in 2012, motorcycles UK is owned by Ark RnD but then a total of 129 units have been sold to a Malaysian company named Momoto.

(The street legal FP-1 from Momoto)

          Later, Momoto given a re-branding and known as MM1. The vehicle was launched in style, not too long ago and it is quite encouraging news between us. Nevertheless, the project was delayed again when landing taxes and customs duties all outstanding motorcycle. All units have been seized by the authorities. Momoto has filed suit against Petronas, a total RM83 million and to date there has been no resolution.

           Meanwhile, experts thought the motorcycle was kept longer, the higher its value will rise. It is estimated that if the price is now successfully marketed is around 20,000 to 25,000 pounds sterling. In the RM was not expensive (SARCASTIC), about RM150,000 for a motorcycle output in 2005. Which is more expesive compared to Ducati R, ZX10R and R1.
Petronas FP-1 is now just another memory~ RIP