Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How To: Claim Stolen Superbike from Insurance

    So, let's say, you park your bike somewhere in parking lot. Then you going to dinner, hanging out, movie with your love one. When you came back and head to parking lot, your bike is missing A.K.A stolen. What you gonna do?

  Well, there are 2 solutions here. Either you like your bike or you are boring with that bke and you want to claim a new bike from your insurance. If you love your bike, simply viral your stolen bike into your groups community. Whatsapp, Facebook, these all help. You will get fast responses and most of them will forward it to another group too. And then, follow steps below.

  But let's say you feel boring about your bike, and you looking for another bike, but you don't have enough money. Tried to sell your bike, but no one interested. Well, this is the moment you waiting for. When your bike are stolen, no need to viral or anything. You don't want that bike anyway. You want a new bike, right? Just make yourself panic instead of excited, and follow these steps:

  1. Once you done your panic when you realized your bike is stolen, simply go to the nearest police station, and lodge a police report about your stolen superbike.
    (NOTE: If your bike is not stolen, NEVER LODGE A FALSE POLICE REPORT. You might get new bike, but sooner or later, they will found out and you are looking at 7 years of jail for false police report, and another 5 to 8 year for insurance fraud.)
  2. Call your insurance (Takaful, Kurnia, etc.) Tell them that your bike is stolen and police report has been made. They later will give you form to fill for claim.
  3. Get ready these documents
    i.   MYKAD copy of you.
    ii.  MYKAD copy the person last ride you bike (incase you lend it to someone)
    iii. Police Report with receipt (Yellow one)
    iv.  Keys (Both. If one missing, you need to lodge another report)
    v.   The form from insurance company to claim
    vi.  Vehicle Registration Card
    vii. Insurance Policy 
  4. First thing you do after that, go to your bank that finance your bike loan. Tell them that your bike. Some case, they deduct it from insurance. Some are not. But if you loan it from shop, just tell them for their record. but still you need to pay the installment. 
  5. Wait until police close the case. Usually took 6 months but if you are 'nice' with the investigator, a month or two, the case closed, and your bike declared stolen and never be found.
  6. Once that done, you can start continuing your unfinished business with the insurance company, A few day later, the adjuster will see you. Usually these only apply for stolen car, but a big bike with high price, the adjuster will show up too.
  7. They job is to take photo, investigate and they will give the amount of your bike that can be claim. That amount usually based on current marketing.
  8. In a week or two, you will get your case. Easy? Yeah, sounds easy, but it takes patient to finish this, especially when investigator took more than 3 months to close the case. Regardless, you get your bike. Easy right?

  1. Never hide your bike, and lodge a false/fake police report, and claim insurance. When they found out then you are looking at 7 years of jail for false police report, and another 5 to 8 year for insurance fraud.
  2. Patient is the key. Never push the police to close early.
  3. First party insurance are always the best.
  4. To avoid stolen bike, take extra security. A brake lock or simply a pad lock will do. Invest more money for safety of your bike by purchasing GPS Tracker, or make a custom ignition switch.
Extra Lock using padlock.

 Custom Switch will slow them.

Mini GPS installed on bike switch box.

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